GENIUS FRP Cooling Tower

Counter-flow Round Type Cooling Tower

Design mainly for industrial cooling due to its price competitiveness especially for small range tower capacity of 3RT to 80RT. Bigger size tower is also available with a reasonably competitive price over Rectangular tower as the steel material use is lesser. Majority of the parts used are FRP.

GPT Round Counter Flow cooling towers have the following advantages in its overall performance, besides its energy-saving and efficient features.

Body: made of FRP compound materials (Fiber Glass reinforced ). The body’s exterior adopts imported materials which contain stabilization material resisting ultraviolet radiation. So, it has smooth and clean surface, and it is able to bear aging, with a high polish going through a long time.

Fan: choosing the special Fan with variable section, twist and pitching blade. The fan works at an equal speed, a low self moving pressure, a saving-energy use and a low noise. Moreover, Fan can be changed the fixing angle of the blade to meet the work demands and improve the fixing efficiency.

Motor: choosing the special electric motor with whole sealed cooling tower, 380V/3φ/50HZ. It has excellent capability of waterproof IP55, so can be safely used in warm and humid environment.

Fill : with rotundity conterflow Model fill, be able to be extended the time and space of heat exchange. The water flow is well distributed by rotating water distribution system, and it has great thermal exchange capability when water steam goes along the fill.

Distribution: with rotating pipe Model, the equipment is made of ABS or Aluminium alloy. It guarantees long life span and durability, and also the water distribution is possible with just low water supply pressure.

Steel Structure: all be treated with rust-removing, hot dipped galvanized steel. All can bear corrosion, have high strength, be easily assembled and have elegant surface.

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