SUNNIK Steel Water Tank

‘SUNNIK’ Pressed Steel Panel Type Water Tank

1) Hot-dipped Galvanised Steel
2) MS with bituminous Paint coated internally and red oxide externally with choice of finishing colour paint.
3) MS with Hot applied Epoxy coating
4) Stainless steel grade 304
5) Stainless Steel Grade 316

The Manufacturer

Had supplied and erected in-numerable tanks since 1986.

HDG 4.88mH
HDG Irregular shaped
HDPE Lining for Water Tank

Beside tank replacement, we offer alternate option to the client to lay HDPE Lining inside of existing old tank. With this option, client will have a cost saving of up to 40% compared to tank replacement. With the assurance of the quality product and work done, we will provide a 5 years warranty for the lining done.


Sunnik TS among our firsts in the region are Hydraulically Pressed Sectional Steel Covers, Epoxy Coated Sectional Panel Tank, and Stainless Steel Grade 316 Panels for Water Tank. They conduct technological acquisitions with leading manufacturers in Britain and Japan as well as through international joint-ventures, and we consistently channel new learnings from R&D into their processes.

With the most advance technology from Britain and Japan, they provide us the best quality Hydraulically Pressed Sectional Steel Covers, Epoxy Coated Sectional Panel Tank and Stainless Steel Water Tank  in Singapore and worldwide.